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  • 3IT.nano processing capabilities

    Front end service

    •Design consultation.
    •Photomaskfabrication on 25 mm x 25 mm to 175 mm x 175 mm plates.
    •Process development on Si, Ge, SiGe, SiC, GaN, III-V, II-VI, diamond, glass, quartz and various polymers.

    UV photolithography

    •Substrates: opaque, transparent and semi-transparent such as Si, SiGe, Ge, GaAs, InP, ZnSe, GaN (on sapphire or on Si), quartz, LiNbO3.
    •Wafer size: from small dies up to 150mm wafers.
    •Contact and proximity alignment and exposure.
    •Deep UV flooder.
    •Minimum resolution of 1 μm on thin resist with 2 μm alignment accuracy.
    •Double sided lithography with back side alignment accuracy of 5 μm.
    •Positive resists from 450nm to 25 μm thick (Shipley S1800, AZ4000, AZ9000).
    •Negative resists from 2μm to 100μm thick (AZNlof2020, SU-8, KMPR).
    •Dual-layer lift-off resist : PMMA, PMGA, LOR.
    •Laminated Dry films : DupontMX film.
    •PDMS deposition and patterning.

    Electron beam lithography